THE SECRET OF A HEART NOTE by Stacey Lee 💌| Finally, a character who carries an EpiPen!

  “Do they look like they’re about to vomit? They’re in love.” — Reseda, Aromateur, 1724 (155) Hellooooo everyone! This is going to be a nonspoilery book chat for Stacey Lee’s novel The Secret of a Heart Note, in which we shall discuss the many meaningful and (heart)noteworthy aspects of the book! *applause* 👏     Overall, […]

Ten Life Lessons from DEMIAN by Hermann Hesse

After two shockingly-long posts of me agonizingly analyzing how themes, scenes, and characters from Hermann Hesse’s novel, Demian, relates to BTS, you probably thought I was done with the book… BUT NOPE. I’m back to discuss the life lessons I’ve learned from Demian!!! 😄     (If you haven’t read Demian, that’s ok — you can still read this post, […]

Why Is Kpop So Appealing 🤔?

Why is Kpop so appealing? This is definitely a question I’ve asked myself many times during this past month. It all started with buying BTS’s album, You Never Walk Alone. After completely falling in love with BTS’s music, I bought their compilation album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.  Between then and now, I’ve basically […]