About Me

There will always be something fascinating about how ink words on paper can somehow make a reader feel like they’ve been transported to a different time.

A different place.

A different world.

Words have whisked me away to wonderful worlds for as long as I can remember. There are some moments when I still cling onto the hope that my Hogwarts acceptance letter will one day find its way to me. (And for those who think that’s riduculous… well, ahem. You are clearly a Muggle.)

If you love books and writing and everything to do with stories, then you’ve stumbled upong the perfect blog! Welcome to…

Whisked Away By Words!

I’m Zoie — a collector, creater, and reader of stories. I believe that the best accessory anyone can have is a book. I recently got my book-buying problem under control. I can read everywhere and anywhere (and therefore I do read everywhere and anywhere).

I am currently a high school student struggling to accept the fact that I simply cannot read every book on this planet (sigh), and because talking about books is not enough for me, I use this blog to do keyboard-smash book chats on books I love (or despise — but most books I love) and also to blog about my author journey. Occasionally I’ll talk about my art adventures and music.

And though the worlds you can lose yourself in while reading books are beautiful and wonderful in their own way, it’s always nice to realize that there is beauty in reality, too. Like in those moments when you watch the sunset bleed into the sea when you’re in the middle of the ocean. Like those moments when you realize that silence has a sound in Death Valley National Park. And those moments when you look at the stars above you, with no cars or artificial light around you for miles, and realize how trivial some of the problems you stress over really are.

So yes, I am a fan of traveling, both through the stories words piece together and through the real world. There are so many stories that we can read about and listen to and learn from in this world, our own stories included. I hope you find at least one thing on this blog that resonates with you, whether it be a book chat or a music playlist or a traveling story of mine — and if you do, you’re welcome to stay! Let’s explode in an overuse of exclamation points over everything to do with stories together!