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Book Chat Archive

Wondering if I’ve done a book review on a book you love/despise/are completely distraught over? Go to the Book Chat Archive to see if I’ve written a book chat for that particular book! The list is alphabetized by the author’s last name.


Authoring Archive

Ooooh! You’re interested in my writing, too? Well, you’re in luck! Click here to see all the links for my authoring posts! ✍


Travel Archive

Though traveling through the worlds in books can be fun, too, sometimes it’s nice to write your own story and explore the world you live in for yourself. Adventures don’t just have to happen in fictional stories, and they certainly can happen close to home. Go read about my travel experiences and thoughts in the Travel Archive!


My Life Archive

I spend a lot of time listening to other people’s wonderful and inspirational stories, as well as decoding books, songs, and art — in fact, listening and being able to decode other people’s art and stories are skills that I consider to be one of my strongest abilities. It’s also something that I have the most pride in claiming — but nevertheless, I have my own story to tell, and it’s as worthy of a story as anyone else’s in this world. The posts in this archive revolve around my cultural upbringing, my love of languages, and random revelations and thoughts I have that I believe are worth sharing. Perhaps you can relate to some of these stories; if not, you will at least discover that such an experience exists for a person (me!) on this planet Earth. Click the link to see these little glimpses into my life! 🌻


Art Adventures Archive

I also do the arts! If you want to listen to me ponder/criticize/gush about my artwork, then the posts on this list are the ones you’ll want to read. (There also might be the occasional food stain. I do like to eat whilst exploring my creativity. 😊)


Music Archive

There are those times where we just don’t want to read about a story or see one — so we listen to and experience them through music! Click the link to see my reviews on some of my favorite artists, albums, and songs out there.