BTS Fanart | Rap Monster

BTS Fanart | Rap Monster

Finally — a moment to sit down and draw.

The thing about drawing is that it’s so much harder to find time to draw than, say, read. With reading, all I need is a book and a little bit of light and BOOM — I can read! There are so many opportunities throughout the day for me to pull out a book and read a few paragraphs or pages or chapters. Eventually, those little moments spent reading brings me to last page of a novel.

But then, for drawing… I need to be at my desk, with my arrangement of Prisma Col-Erase pencils and watercolor palettes and tubes and brushes and Blick Studio Brush Markers around me for easy access as I do my art thing. I can finish reading a book outside of home, but I can’t finish a drawing in little bursts of worktime throughout a school day. It just doesn’t work that way.

The unfortunate thing regarding that fact is that I have less time to draw in comparison to reading (hence the abundance of book chats on this blog), and especially at times when my schedule is full, drawing may get pushed to the side for a bit.

(My art supplies have been quietly sobbing this past month — but even after all that time of not drawing, Rap Monster turned out pretty well! I guess my art supplies approve of me drawing BTS fanart? 😆)


Who’s the Model This Time?

So, who did I draw? If you haven’t gathered that I absolute love BTS from my album review of You Never Walk Alone or Part 1 and Part 2 of my exploration posts on how Hermann Hesse’s Demian relates to BTS, well… now you know.

I was already in the BTS mood since I was listening to their music, so I decided to go onto Pinterest to find reference photos. After gathering an extensive collection, I decided to use BTS’s leader — Rap Monster — as my model for today’s drawings!


Rap Mon from “Not Today”

The first reference photo I found of Rap Monster was this one, which is of Rap Monster from BTS’s music video for “Not Today.”


Image Source

(It’s. So. Amazing. *applause*)

Lately I’ve been using reference photos for the sketching portion of the drawing process, but after that, I put the reference photo away. I’ve found that this method really forces me to use my own imagination when it comes to detail and the coloring of whatever I’m drawing, and I’m always happy with the result.

I know that with my current skill level, I can’t create a super realistic drawing of a person — and either way, that’s not the drawing style I’m aiming for. As a result, neither of my drawings look precisely like the reference photo, and that’s okay, because replicating them wasn’t my goal.

After I sketched out the outline of Rap Monster, I used a Blick Studio Brush Marker — in the color “Beach” — for his skin color. I decided to use the marker instead of watercolors for the base of his skin because I knew it would be an even color, unlike watercolors. After that, I used watercolors for everything else, except for the white highlights, which I used a white gel pen for.

(I love white gel pens so much. They make a drawing look so much better. ❤️)

Here is the end result:

I loved how it turned out, and this is actually the first time I drew a guy and managed to make it look good. All the people I’ve drawn before were mostly girls, but I think I should make it a goal to not veer away from drawing guys as well.

I have to say that this drawing looks cooler in person because of the metallic watercolors I used, which (sadly) don’t pop up as vibrantly in pictures. I love how metallic watercolors add this three-dimensional layer to drawings, because depending on the angle you look at the drawing, it might appear differently to you than to another person.


Chibi-Not-Really Rap Mon

For this next drawing, I have some very mixed feelings. After finishing the above one of Rap Monster, I still wanted to draw… but I didn’t want to start another detailed drawing project. When I started drawing this, I was struggling between drawing a chibi version of Rap Monster or a mini-but-detailed-and-slightly-realistic version of Rap Mon, and eventually this happened:


Which definitely isn’t bad, but it’s definitely not as WOW! as the first drawing. Either way, this will make a cute bookmark, though I do want to try making a more Rap-Mon-looking chibi drawing in the future.

The reference photo I used was this one, btw:


Image Source

For this drawing, I used Blick Studio Brush Markers again, just not only for the skin. I sketched using a red Prisma Col-Erase pencil (which I don’t know why I didn’t do for my first drawing), used some other colored pencils for detailing, as well as the trusty (and always necessary) white gel pen for highlights.

And that was how I spent my morning!

Just drawing again reminded me how much I missed sitting down and creating something visually beautiful. I’m going to try and dedicate more time to drawing in the future, and I foresee that more BTS fanart will be coming soon. 😉

Thanks for reading, and I will cya next time!

~Zoie 😄



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