THE SECRET OF A HEART NOTE by Stacey Lee 💌| Finally, a character who carries an EpiPen!

  “Do they look like they’re about to vomit? They’re in love.” — Reseda, Aromateur, 1724 (155) Hellooooo everyone! This is going to be a nonspoilery book chat for Stacey Lee’s novel The Secret of a Heart Note, in which we shall discuss the many meaningful and (heart)noteworthy aspects of the book! *applause* 👏     Overall, […]

A DANGEROUS PATH By Erin Hunter Book Chat | Did things really have to go in this direction?

Hello and welcome to the fifth Warriors book chat!!! *applause* It’s hard to believe that I’m only five book into these series because so many things happened in between page one of the first book and now. Rusty’s decision to become a Warrior feels like it happened years ago, and this story has progressed into something much […]

RISING STORM by Erin Hunter Book Chat | An Insightful Story About Rivalry, Fear, and Right Choices

I went into this book already knowing what would happen at the end. How, exactly, did I know this? Because I accidentally spoiled myself for Rising Storm by reading the first few chapters of the next book, A Dangerous Path. I had taken A Dangerous Path with me to school instead of Rising Storm, and after being completely confuzzled as how […]