Collage-Making (AKA How Not to Rip Your House Apart Whilst Finding Art Supplies to Use)

Collage-Making (AKA How Not to Rip Your House Apart Whilst Finding Art Supplies to Use)

I haven’t been arting recently, due to school and writing — but only after cleaning out my room and reorganizing my art wall did I realize how much I miss sitting down and creating something that’s visually beautiful and stunning.

That realization led to the sudden decision to dedicate one shelf of my bookshelf for random, scattered pieces of paper and stickers and yarn and magazines for one specific thing: collages.

I have an art wall full of portraits and watercolors and other drawings, and I have to admit, having a collage up next to those articulate drawings looks AWESOME.

*momentary pause of appreciation of new art wall*

And because I had so much fun making two new collages, I thought I’d explain what I did to create them!

The Year Meets Discovery Collage

The featured image for this post above was the first collage I made in my sudden burst of artistic-ness (HA! Just invented a word!), and though it was extremely easy to make, it turned out to look amazing.

The materials I used were:

  • A National Geographic magazine
  • A Time magazine
  • And an old printed map of someplace I went to for camping

See? Very simple. Yet it looks SO GOOD ON MY ART WALL.

I wanted this collage to have a theme of travel, as you can probably tell with the map in the background and the word choice for the collage. I only used two magazines out of the frighteningly large stack I have, and that’s because 1) I didn’t want to get overwhelmed with so many things to use within the magazines and 2) I found that by limiting the amount of supplies you can use for collages, you really force yourself to be more observant when looking for cool/relevant pictures or words to use.

For example, I had no idea what saying I wanted to use for my collage — I just flipped through the magazine and began piecing together words that I liked, and that strategy ended up turning out pretty well. Because I couldn’t find a “meets” in either of the magazines that was in a cool font, I decided to just to use the word “meet” from one ad and paste an “s” from a separate ad that was in a different font after “meets.” The change in fonts somehow makes the collage feel much more travel-like.

The “the” at the beginning of the saying is ripped to indicate (and yes, here is where the deep meaning comes in) that there isn’t a specific time where discovery and adventure and traveling can begin. There is no the perfect year for discovery — discovery can happen at any moment and place in your life.

Did I come to that wonderfully deep conclusion because I accidentally ripped the “the” while separating it from the magazine?



But see how you simply can’t go wrong in a collage? Even something that supposedly is a “mistake” at the beginning of making art can turn out to be the deepest, personalized part of the artwork.

Chocolate & Friendship Collage

After making the first collage, I began making the second one using

  • A bicycling magazine
  • The same National Geographic magazine as above
  • A three-color teal paint sample card (with convenient pre-cut square holes!)
  • A piece of patterned purple paper
  • A piece of patterned pink paper
  • And a mini envelope from Japanese stationary kit

As you can see, this collage was a little bit more complex than my previous one, but it turned out to be really cute!

I think it was in the middle of making this collage when suddenly thought — This would make such an awesome gift!

I had already made a gift earlier that day, so I guess I was just in a gift-making mood 🙂

I decided to add a quote by Linda Grayson that I found on Goodreads on friendship that says, “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”

True, very true. A perfect quote to go on a collage for a fellow chocolate-lover.

There’s a person’s face hidden behind the topmost hole in the paint sample card, and in the middle hole, I pasted the word “amazing” behind it. Below it is the word “life,” so if you read it from the top down, it would say “amazing life.” And of course, a cookie must go on a collage about chocolate and an amazing life.

Now I’m off to deliver the gift!

Comment if you used to take paint sample cards from hardware stores even though you had no intention of painting anything at all. Or maybe you still do take them now.

*cough cough*

(It’s ok. Collecting random stuff is necessary for our artistic endeavors 😉 )

Thanks for reading about my collage-making, and cya next time!


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