FIRE AND ICE By Erin Hunter Book Chat | In which everything goes insane and I have no idea where this series is headed anymore

FIRE AND ICE By Erin Hunter Book Chat | In which everything goes insane and I have no idea where this series is headed anymore

I think I would be pretty comfortable declaring that I have no idea where a series is headed if I’m not only, like, two books into a six-book series.

Ha ha.

In reading Fire and Ice, I was constantly reminded how complex and detailed this world is. There’s still so much I don’t know about the Warriors world, but I’ve only read two books and to be quite honest, I’m already kinda feeling overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed in a good way — in an awesome way, actually. I haven’t felt this way since reading Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas because phew, that series expanded like our universe after the Big Bang once the third ToG book came into play.

Erin Hunter’s development and expansion of the world is much more mellow and digestable — information is slowly presented to me, not thrown at, but that doesn’t mean the story is slow. Definitely not. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but reading Fire and Ice was very enjoyable in a non-suffocating kinda way, but also in a suffocating kinda way BECAUSE SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED.

And in that sentence I basically said nothing useful.

*slow clap*

Oh, welcome! ? If you’re really confused, you probably haven’t read my book chat on the first book of the Warriors series, Into the WildThe book I will be discussing today is Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter, which is the second book of the Warriors series.

The old cover is to the left, and it’s awesome, as usual. It showcases one of the battle scenes within the book, and the background hectic battle scene stands in stark contrast to the central picture of Fireheart and Graystripe, I believe, who are both posing very peacefully — almost eerily peacefully.

I have to admit, though, the new cover looks pretty awesome too.


Look at that dramatic face!

I’m just kinda confuzzled as to why there seem to be fire sparks behind this glaring cat (possibly Stonefur because of his torn ear?). Like, did something like that happen in the story and I just missed it? It’s still a captivating cover, though.


Since this is the second book of a series, I’m just going to dive right into the

Spoilery Section!

There is much to discuss! 😄

First of all, Fireheart has dreams and receives messages from StarClan now??? Who gets to decide which cats in a Clan receives these messages? Medicine cats, leaders, and now Fireheart, who clearly is neither a medicine cat nor a leader? He’s giving me some Harry Potter vibes…

  • Both felt lonely and wanted a different life
  • Both went into a new society that they never knew existed before
  • Both are the “Chosen Ones” in their story
  • Both are guys
  • Both have a best friend who’s a guy and also a sidekick
  • Both have the favor the headmaster/leader of their school/clan

Wow. I never realized the similarities were so strong before I listed them out!


Hermione gives me so much motivation to do homework. She’s my mental cheerleader.

(In fact, I have a drawing of Hermione doing homeowork taped to the wall right in front of my desk because that’s how much she motivates me.)

Graystripe also reminds me of Ron:

  • They’re both the humorous friend

Graystrip leaped up and caught [a leaf] as it drifted past his nose. He pinned it to the group with a purr of satisfaction and saw Brackenpaw staring at him. “Er, never miss a chance to practice your hunting skills,” Graystripe told him quickly. (122)

  • While Ron had Lavender Brown, Graystripe has Silverstream.

“You idiot!” she spat, flattening her ears. “What are you doing in my territory?”

“Drowning?” replied Graystripe. (129)

  • Instant connection between him and Silverstream, everyone. It was instant.

One thing I love about this series is how there are new words for things in the Warrior-cat language. The Milky Way is called Silverpelt by the Warriors, which I think is a beautiful word and correctly describes the Milky Way while also making you think of cats at the same time.

Win win!

In those moments when Fireheart looks up at Silverpelt (I speak like a local already! 😋) and narrates how grateful he is that he left his house-cat life to become a Warrior really resonates with me. It’s kinda how I feel like when I’m camping and I look up and I see so many stars — all stars that are above me when I’m at home, but never get to see because of the city’s light pouring out into the sky around me. I think Fireheart made the right choice, too. I think if I were a house-cat, I would do what Rusty did and run wild into the forest to join a Clan.

Throughout this book, the topic of Ravenpaw and whether his story was credible keeps popping up. By the end of the novel, some stuff was cleared up about Tigerclaw’s role in the murder of Redtail, but not enough to firmly declare Tigerclaw guilty.

We had some other things going on at the beginning of the story — like bringing WindClan home, Fireheart getting Cinderpaw as an apprentice, Fireheart suddenly remembering that he had a sister, etc. — but this entire story seems to center on discovering what Tigerclaw really did in that battle with RiverClan earlier in the novel.

Had the story [Ravenpaw had] told about Tigerclaw been just that — a story that tumbled from his mouth in the heat of the moment? (134)

Yet so many things continued to pull Fireheart away from finding out why. I mean, Princess brought her kit to Fireheart telling him to take him into ThunderClan, which brought more conflict into the story. Then Sandpaw becomes all nice and all — and is that a ship I sense??


I think the moment that made me give up the hope I had for Tigerclaw being secretly innocent was when this happened while Leopardfur tried to kill Fireheart during a battle:

As [Firehear’s] eyes rolled he saw Tigerclaw at the side of the clearing, watching him with cold, expressionless eyes.

“Tigerclaw,” Fireheart howled. “Help me!”

But Tigerclaw didn’t move. He just stared as Leopardfur clawed Fireheart again and again. (308)

Now I don’t know what to believe anymore, or how this mystery of Tigerclaw and his real motivations are going to end up in this series.


Did anyone else feel like Fireheart was growing up way too fast? He went from being an apprentice to a Warrior to a mentor in less than two books. It felt too rushed. Now is he just going to be a boring old Warrior the rest of the series —


What if he become Deputy?!?!?!?


It’s very possible.

There’s still four books left in the series.

We shall see!

I did really enjoy how the book ended on a note of friendship. The entire book was really tense due to Fireheart and Graystripe’s disagreement over Graystripe’s love for Silverstream, but it all worked out in the end. It was a really sweet ending, and just reading it made me happy.

“Graystripe, whatever you decide to do, I will always be your friend.” (317)

What Did I Learn?

Hunting techniques!

“Why would you want to find an owl?” ….

“Owls get a better view of the forest than we do. On windy nights, when scents are hard to follow, you can look out for owls and follow where they hunt.” (105-106)

Clan cats are extremely lucky in the sense that once they are kits, they get a sense of bonding and loyalty to each other. Fireheart reveals through his sudden remembering that he had a sister that house cats don’t share the same feelings of bonding with their family that Clan cats do.

For the first time since [Fireheart] was a kit, he caught a glimpse of what the Clan cats must take for granted: the closeness of kinship, a common bond determined by birth and heritage. (117)

Well, that’s it for this book chat! The book chat for Forest of Secrets will be coming up soon 👍

I hope you enjoyed this book chat, and I will cya next time!


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