Moro Rock | DAY THREE – Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Moro Rock | DAY THREE – Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks


It’s funny how something so common

and prevalent

in our mundane lives

can feel so unwanted

anywhere else.



Smiles erupt easily

in the midst of chatter


When asked to choose between

being alone or hanging out

you always choose

the latter

‍ ‍

But did you come here

to experience something

you experience

every single day

at home?

‍   ‍

You came here

to explore the things

that make you curious


What floats around in your mind

remains constantly mysterious

until you take this time

to bring these thoughts out

hiding behind

grime-covered bars

of collectively aimless


icebreakers and sentence starters

you use to communicate

with people who float in and out

of your life’s main story

like a duck dipping in and out of water

searching for fish floating

under the surface

of a lake.



Yes, you’re welcome to pull your boat

down from the roof of your car

to the ground

and then the water


Yes, you’re welcome to assemble

your portable chair


and peacefully fish

for a few hours

‍    ‍

Yes, you’re welcome to keep the fish you catch

whether you used real bait

or plastic neon candy gummies

speckled with shards of glitter —


Take it all.

You managed to catch them,

so I guess you deserve them.



Yet you keep asking for more.

My mouth is not a running faucet.

This lake never drains

but I close the gates to it

every once in awhile

just so I can sit alone on the shore

and let the water slowly creep up

soak my clothes

and my mind

and simply

so I can



Today, this lake is closed to strangers.

Today, lightning needs to hit the water

and spread to me,

the one

sitting peacefully

on the shore.

Today, I am allowed to want to sit here

and have no one from the outside world

disturb me.



And that is why I think

it’s funny how something so common

and prevalent

in our mundane lives

can feel so unwanted

anywhere else.


Waving to another person

smiling and nodding to give off the illusion

that I’m hearing what they’re saying

thinking of all the same things I say to people

who disappear from sight for a few days

and resurface suddenly in the now

ducks searching for fishes

and schools of thought —

this is something I am

very much used to

at home.


But not here.


Not while I’m camping.


Not at Moro Rock.


Just let me dangle my feet

off the edges of this rock

and feel oh so rebellious

by not staying within the metal railings.


Let me be able to look around me

and not see another stranger for miles.


Let these rolling mountains and soaring trees

be the things that invade my vision.


Let these sounds of birds chirping

and snow melting

and dead leaves crunching beneath

the tentative steps of a deer

be the only sounds I hear

for hours and hours.


Yes, I see people everyday.

The people I meet

inspire me

educate me

guide me

But now…

I am all I need.



I apologize if I don’t return your gaze

or smile

or latch onto your small talk.

I will do those things when I’m at home…

just not now.


There will always be time

for people to come to this lake

and fish for ideas

and thoughts

in the near future.


But for now…

Allow me immerse myself

in this rare moment of

pure solitude and tranquility.


Who knows when I’ll be able to experience this again?

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