My Life Archive

I spend a lot of time listening to other people’s wonderful and inspirational stories, as well as decoding books, songs, and art — in fact, listening and being able to decode other people’s art and stories are skills that I consider to be one of my strongest abilities. It’s also something that I have the most pride in claiming — but nevertheless, I have my own story to tell, and it’s as worthy of a story as anyone else’s in this world. The posts in this archive revolve around my cultural upbringing, my love of languages, and random revelations and thoughts I have that I believe are worth sharing. Perhaps you can relate to some of these stories; if not, you will at least discover that such an experience exists for a person (me!) on this planet Earth. I hope you enjoy these little glimpses into my life! 🌻


Monthly Wrap-Ups, Goals, & Plans


My Love of Languages


On Being Mixed-Race


Reflecting on the Thing Called Life