THE DIABOLIC by S.J. Kincaid | Book Chat on Chapters 20~31

THE DIABOLIC by S.J. Kincaid | Book Chat on Chapters 20~31

I wanted more of Tyrus in this week’s reading — and I definitely got it.

“I have so many questions. Why does everyone watch me without being blinded by the gleaming light of my transcendent nature?” (220)

He came a loooong way from the madman he was at the beginning of the novel. 😅

Hello and welcome to the second Wandering in Words Book Club book chat on S. J. Kincaid’s novel, The Diabolic!!!

Many things happened (especially with Tyrus) so let’s get on with the book chat!

Who Knew Tyrus Was So Considerate??!?!

We first see this hint of this after Nemesis is injures by her fight with Enmity after the Emperor’s Diabolic figures out Nemesis is a Diabolic. Tyrus had “pressed a wet cloth to [Nemesis’s] head” (175), which, for some reason, was something so unusual and foreign for me to picture Tyrus doing.

But then there was more.

Tyrus explains why he pretended to be mad as a child, and through that, he gains more of Nemesis’s trust — and also makes Nemesis feel uncertain about her ability to instill fear in him.

I suspected suddenly he would never fear me. (183)

His strategy of collecting books and calling that his “eccentricity” is simply brilliant. Books, as I think most readers know, are literally raw sources of power. Books are knowledge and experience and stories, and for Tyrus to read so many of the books he collects means that he’s probably wiser than the Emperor.

I mean, think about it — Tyrus, through reading, has collected the experiences, facts, and stories of the people behind these books, the authors. The Emperor, because he is an ardent Helionic, probably is a lot less educated than Tyrus at this point if he truly doesn’t believe in education and had therefore never educated himself about the world.

I can’t wait to see what Tyrus has in store for the Emperor — and how his knowledge will serve both him and Nemesis useful later in the book.

What Is Happening to Nemesis???

Though I did enjoy her snappy threats directed towards Tyrus at the beginning of this week’s reading (well, it’s part of her character) all that stuff —

I looked up at him, seething. “I will tear your heart from your chest!” (178)

— quickly disappeared in place of…

Well, I actually don’t know, because Nemesis doesn’t know either. Affection? Care? Understanding?

Do I daresay… love???

Because apparently the people who created Diabolics “didn’t take away [their] capacity to feel pain, just [their] ability to express it” (192). Meaning that perhaps Nemesis can feel other things, like love, as well, but nobody else would know because she can’t express it?

And also, why did she turn away from Tyrus when he mentions the kiss???

Was she embarrassed?!??! Can Diabolics be embarassed?????????????


The Freak-Out Moment


I didn’t. As usual.

(Hi five me, my abysmal predicting skills!)

The big freak-out moment came at the end of Chapter 22, when Tyrus told Nemesis that she would be his wife.

Then Tyrus proceeded to tell Nemesis this:

“Yes,” Tyrus said softly. “You had it easier when you were bonded to Sidonia Impyrean, didn’t you?”

“Easier?” I echoed.

“Yes. Easier. You already knew your purpose in this existence. And now you don’t. Now you have to grappple with the same questions the rest of us face — where do I go from here? What am I to do next? It’s terrifying to realize your own decision are shaping your destiny.” (187)

I think I just mentally fainted from the deepness of that quote. It’s been my favorite part of the book so far, just because I feel like it so intricately relates to… well, life.

I’m not going to go into a whole discussion of what I think the meaning of life is (though that would be super fun to discuss 😋), but I love the way Tyrus phrased his sentence. As a Diabolic, Nemesis never had to worry about the one thing that we mere mortals every so once in a while ponder: what’s the point? Why are there only humans on Earth and no other planet? Never mind humans as a whole — what about ourselves? What’s our own purpose in life?

Nemesis knew her purpose from the start: to protect Sidonia at all costs. That was her purpose.

And now she doesn’t have that to hold onto.

She lost her anchor.

Nemesis could have killed herself. As a Diabolic, she failed. But I think it’s becoming apparent that she might be less Diabolic and more human, because she decided for herself to become Tyrus’s wife. Yet, in a way, she’s still serving Sidonia. If you think about it, Nemesis is trying to assassinate the Emperor because the Emperor was the person behind Sidonia’s death, so technically Nemesis is still serving Sidonia, even though Sidonia’s gone.

Well, assuming Sidonia is actually dead.

One will never know (if you have predicting skills as sad as mine).


One Awesome Movie Scene

You know that ball dome scene when everyone was dancing in zero gravity and balls of light were floating all around the people and Tyrus and Nemesis…

That would be such an utterly fantastic and visually stunning movie scene. 😝

And to wrap this book chat up, here’s a lovely slice of conversation from the book:

“You really must tell me what you feed [your Servitors].”

“Food,” I replied. “They eat food.”

“Food. How interesting!” she trilled.

I looked at her. She looked at me. The silence thickened.

“I must give mine far more food,” said Credenza, her smile brittle. (215)

That’s it for this book chat! Remeber to watch out for the next book chat on The Diabolic, which will be on chapters 32~40 ?

Thanks for reading, and I will cya next time!


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