THE DIABOLIC by S.J. Kincaid | Book Chat on Chapters 41~50 (End of Book!!!)

THE DIABOLIC by S.J. Kincaid | Book Chat on Chapters 41~50 (End of Book!!!)


And if you’re not sure what “that” means, then read on. There is much to discuss for these last chapters of The Diabolic.

I am finally done with reading The Diabolic! 


It feels so wonderful to finish a book after spending an entire month reading it. I don’t know about you, but March felt like a super-long and busy month, and accordingly, the entire story of The Diabolic seemed like a super-long and busy mess — especially since S. J. Kincaid threw that crazy ending at us.

Ending: HAHA Sidonia’s dead FOR SURE as well as the Emperor and Elantra and Cygna and many other people but what does it matter because Nemesis gets to marry Tyrus!!! Woooo!!!

Excuse me as I shoot lasers out of my eyes and mentally destroy everything in my path.


I think most of you guys are trying to decipher whether I liked the ending of The Diabolic or not — and to be honest, I have no ideaAt least, no idea yet. I’m hoping by the end of this book chat I’ll figure it out, so let’s begin, shall we?

And I NEED to talk about how annoyance Tyrus is, so even though I know other things happened in the story, and even though I have some pretty cool things I want to discuss as well (like what if Tyrus was actually a Diabolic? That would be an amazing plot twist) this is just going to be a light-hearted post on why the Nemesis X Tyrus ship is going to sink.

Hope this makes you laugh! 😆

Let’s start at the beginning of this week’s reading: Chapter 41.

On the Topic of Tyrus’s Face

Tyrus began turning blue in the dim light, and I fumbled with hands I could only see, not feel, and tore out the oxygen mask in the wall.

Just one.


I thrust it onto Tyrus’s face, and then the darkness closed in and swallowed me. (325)

UGH. Puh-lease. I get that this scene was supposed to show Nemesis’s love and devotion for Tyrus or whatever, but is she really just going to give away her life like that?

Like, hello? Did she not remember Sidonia’s still alive? And that if Nemesis died, then Sidonia would kill herself BECAUSE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND NEMESIS HAD PROMISED SIDONIA TO NOT DIE?!?!!?


The nerve of that guy, I tell you. The. Nerve.

You know what I would deeply appreciate? The line states that Nemesis “thrust [the oxygen mask] onto Tyrus’s face” — well, where’s the damage? Tyrus should have a broken nose or something. Doesn’t Nemesis not know her strength? Something should have happened to Tyrus’s face, guys.

Ooooh, wait. I completely take that back. If Tyrus has a broken nose, then he would match would Nemesis, and that would completely destroy the book. Gah.

Ok, so that was a minor thing that I thought would be funny to talk about once I read the scene. I thought it would end there, and I happily turned the page, hoping for more Sidonia scenes. I knew Nemesis would survive (because duh) so I wasn’t too worried about that.


What Happened to Nemesis’s WORDS?!?!?!

Did anyone else think that Nemesis began to lose all common sense in this week’s chapter? I mean, not only did she get over Sidonia’s death pretty quickly and agreed to marry Tyrus (!?!?!?), but she also said some pretty crazy stuff.

Crazy Saying #1

Anger rushed through me, but for Tyrus’s sake, I did not tear her apart on behalf of Sidonia. She’d merely called her a name, and words had no power. (333)

OKAY, woah. Did Nemesis say words have no power?

She did.


Everyone, take a look at this blog’s title: Whisked Away By Words. This entire blog was created because of my love of words and my belief that words can change someone’s perspective and mood and even life.

And I do realize that not all characters reflect the author, but I’m kinda surprised an author would put that statement in there. The story of The Diabolic, btw — the entirety of which is stringed together by ink words on paper — definitely has power. It’s enlightening me and teaching me so much about humanity, how to build an amazingly complex and intricate setting, and how Tyrus will never be like Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows.

Dude, that is the power of words right there, and I think all authors realize this. Why else would someone be an author if they didn’t believe their words had the power to change someone in some way?


Oh, and also, Nemesis feels like Tyrus’s need is more important than Sidonia? I mean, she says that she “did not tear [Cygna] apart on behalf of Sidonia” BECAUSE OF TYRUS.

Well. I should have seen Nemesis’s devotion for Sidonia diminishing whilst reading. Alas, the shock will hit me much later in the book.

Crazy Saying #2

In my bones, I knew that if I could trust in one single thing in this universe, it was Tyrus’s love for me. (343)


🎵No, not today, no no no, not today 🎵

(That’s from BTS’s song “Not Today” — omg their entire album is FANTASTIC. But “Not Today” definitely describes my feeling towards Nemesis’s Crazy Saying #2.)

I thought the one thing Nemesis could rely on was Sidonia’s love for her??? Why it the one thing she can rely on suddenly Tyrus’s love???


Crazy Saying #3

I felt as though we all three dangled on the edge of a precipice, below us an unfathomable drop into a great, dark void, and I suspected, even farsighted Tyrus could not spot what lay at the bottom. (348)

This would have been a beautiful sentence to end Chapter 44 on, but I think you can correctly answer this question:

Which part of the above sentence completely RUINED the beauty of it?

If your answer was “even farsighted Tyrus could not spot what lay at the bottom,” then you are CORRECT you amazing human being.


I think I have a tiny inkling of recollection that Tyrus once mentioned he was farsighted at the beginning of the novel, but — and I don’t mean to be blunt here — do I care???

No! I care about Nemesis and Sidonia and whether Tyrus will stop PULLING THEM APART IN THEIR FRIENDSHIP.

And I find it quite ridiculous for Nemesis to think of Tyrus and his random farsightedness at this one moment.

Oh, so is this going to be a significant part of the story now? Are we going to see Tyrus wearing reading glasses now that he and Nemesis are happily married to each other???


But It’s Not Just Nemesis.

It’s Tyrus, too. I’m starting to think he’s actually insane. Like, the NERVE of the guy gets on my… well… nerve.


Tyrus’s craziness is making me less eloquent and therefore preventing me from articulating how annoying he is!!!

How dare you, Tyrus.


The most annoying words that came of of Tyrus’s mouth was when Tyrus tried to explain his innocence to Nemesis and explain why he said “We Domitrians aren’t ones to share.”

“I am human. Was I jealous of your bond to her? Yes. Did I hope you’d choose me over her? Yes, I did! But I did not murder her! Grandmother knew we’d turned on her. She knew it as soon as you spoke to my uncle in front of the Diabolics. She she acted first. You must believe that.” (389)

First of all, Tyrus dear, Nemesis doesn’t have to “must believe” anything. She can do whatever she wants to, and right now she needs to concentrate on grieving for Sidonia.

Yet what is he doing? Trying to justify everything when THE SMART AND CONSIDERATE THING for him to do would be stop talking and let the reality of Sidonia’s death sink in for Nemesis.

The part that actually made me angry, though, was when Tyrus said “I am human.” And the way he said it made it seem like he was almost rubbing it in Nemesis’s face, because she’s a Diabolic. It’s almost like he feels more justified in acting badly and saying things that sound diecieving because, oh look, he’s human and Nemesis isn’t so she should probably listen to Tyrus explain because he knows everything. And also he’s right at everything, apparently.


On the Ending: Can Scorpions Float on Water?

I did my research (and by research I mean I just Googled “can scorpions swim?” and “can scorpions float on water?” because after that research essay on introverts I’m completely researched-out) and I found out that though some scorpions can survive underwater, I couldn’t find anything about them floating on water.

So in response to the ending of The Diabolic 

Tyrus and I were both scorpions in our way, dangerous creatures crossing the most treacherous of rivers together. Together we might sting — but we would also float. (403)

— good luck, guys. According to my thirty-second research, scorpions can’t float.

You know what that means.

This Nemesis X Tyrus ship is going to sink in the next book.


(Or maybe Sidonia is actually alive? Woah, that would be one amazing plot twist!)

(Ooooh or maybe Tyrus goes bald. That would be hilarious.)


Thanks for reading, and I will cya next time!

~Zoie 😋

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