The Harbor of Human Minds


Human minds are mysterious, enchanting things.


Half-shrouded in fog and half glazed by the sun’s warmth, the human mind is where stories are made. It’s the place where we endlessly try to decipher the events that happen around us, gather memories and experiences we deem precious enough keep, and struggle to separate our own thoughts from the external ones that constantly try to penetrate our minds.


Our minds are everything,

yet it seems like we never spend enough time diving within our minds

to explore every tiny aspect of the place within our heads that shape our identity, our thinking, and the way we write our own story. 


But to be someone who truly understands themselves, you can’t just look at your own mind — everyone around you has a story to tell, and it depends on your ability to notice and ask about these stories to see how they fit with your own.


Life is not eternal; people pass and go.


How much we care and listen to the people around us now, in this moment, defines our relationship with this world and the people in it.


I don’t want to waste a single second

if I want to truly understand the people

who pass through my life.


No matter how similar or different theirs is to mine, people’s lives and stories are beautiful, heartbreaking, inspiring, and a plethora of a million things, most of which I probably haven’t even grasped an understanding of yet. It would be a futile attempt for me to try and understand the entirety of every person’s character when most people don’t even understand the entirety of themselves, but I don’t think it’s too daunting of a task to ask people to depart a little piece of their life’s story, lessons learned, or any inspirational words they may have to share in this corner of the world.



Thus, with that being said…

Here It Is:





The Harbor of Human Minds


where stories gather and mingle

in a beautiful mess and canvas of

splattered paint

for all to admire.


These stories don’t have to make sense,

the person behind the story doesn’t have to have their life figured out,

and their words don’t have to be lyrical, heartbreaking, or beautiful;


but despite all these differences, one fact remains true between these stories:


they all are

glimpses of truth

within actual people’s lives.



Read them, appreciate them, love them, despise them, relate to them, and be struck by awe by them. Every interview for The Harbor of Human Minds is done in person between me and the person behind the featured story. While you get to see the end result of my conversation between my interviewee and me, I will also be able to understanding the people around me better. I’m so excited to see what stories other people have to share — and perhaps we’ll all learn a few more things about ourselves in the process.


Are you ready to dive into the Harbor of Human Minds?


Stay awhile!


An entire lifetime won’t be enough to uncover all the gorgeous stories out there. 😊




First Story Release Date:

January 30th, 2018, Tuesday.