What to Write About?

What to Write About?
One question:
 What to write about? 
 Stumps the greatest thinkers of the world.

Yet we know
 deep ideas
 are constantly 
 within our heads.

On the surface of the sea
 roaring in our minds
 are insights about the world
 that some choose to hide
 while others throw up
into the air
 kaleidoscope of lights
 firework display: interpret
 and take
 as you wish.

Most are scared
 of those
roaring waves

And sometimes
you are

The spindrift isn't soft
 or warm

It's cold
 and feels like crystallized ice
 carving into your shivering skin

The sky isn't sunny today.

Drizzle from dark days
 drowns out your daring
 and makes you stop on the shore

What to write about?

You know what to write about --
 it's all there,
 in the sea
 of deep ideas
 within your head.

But today the waves tower
 the ground trembles
 when they crash
 onto the shore.

Today lightning flashes in front
 of your hopeful
 outstretched hands.

Today your arms feel too heavy
 fingers feel too vulnerable
 so you tuck them to your sides.


What to write about?

... you know what to write about.

But you don't want to.

It's okay to stay
on the shore

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